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  3.  Procedures to avoid
The following list is provided for information purposes, to help you make more enlightened choices. Don't forget: you must apply for authorization from Québec's Ministère de la Culture et des Communications as well as permits from the City of Montréal. You must then wait for the authorization and permits before purchasing your materials or beginning work.
Partial list of restrictions on repair/renovation work
  • Sinking of anchors directly into masonry (especially for purposes of installing a non-permanent element, such as a sign).
  • Installation of lighting that is inappropriate or contravenes the Old Montréal Lighting Plan.
  • Replacement of original wooden doors and windows with metal or vinyl substitutes.
  • Alterations to the dimensions of openings (doors and windows).
  • Addition of extra floors or other elements that alter the shape of the building.
  • Installation of visible equipment, e.g., antennas, air conditioning units, ventilation grilles or ducts.
  • Installation of asphalt shingles to replace an older roof.
  • Use of the following materials: prepainted steel, vinyl, plastic, exposed treated lumber.
  • Fitting out of rooftop terraces visible from certain angles at street level.
  • Construction of a penthouse visible from street level.
  • Alterations to the profile of an original cornice.
  • Installation of signage that harms or hinders the "reading" of the building or its historical context (e.g., a banner, pennant, flag, poster on board, parasol with advertising logo).
  • Creation of a sign painted on the masonry.
  • Installation of neon signs or neon window accents.
  • Installation of Christmas lighting (except during the Holidays).
  • Posting of advertising (product brand).
  • Display of merchandise in doorways visible to the public.
  • Excessive display of merchandise in windows.
  • Installation of a signboard in a window or on the building façade (e.g.,: "50% OFF", "Festival du homard", "ATM inside")–especially if the sign becomes a permanent fixture.
  • Installation of an awning that does not respect the shape of the façade openings or that hides façade elements.
  • Inscription, lettering or logo covering the entire surface of an awning (advertising must be on the border of the awning only).


  • Painting of masonry elements (e.g., steps, foundation, façade).
  • Cleaning of masonry by sandblasting or high-pressure jets.
  • Repairs to old masonry using inappropriate mortar.
  • Painting using garish colours (prefer neutral colours such as black, beige and grey, or earth/garden tones).
  • Use of more than two colours of paint over an entire façade: prefer a single colour for all woodwork around openings (doors and windows).
  • Installation of exterior carpeting.
  • Stripping of wood surfaces to bare or varnished wood.


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